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Standard Metallurgical Company Limited is a leading steel production company based in Sagamu, Ogun state, Nigeria.


SMC is one of the largest and most advanced steel companies in West Africa. SMC is one the first steel companies to work on island-mode worldwide, using its own 60 MW gas turbines to power the factory whie also using its own gases to manfucture its various products. SMC also has the ability to sell its gases and excess electricity to the goverment and privsate companies.


SMC has an annual installed capacity of 300,000 tpa and sells Rebar, Wire Rod in coils and Billets. 


SMC produces energy from the 4 installed Gas Turbines of 15MW each, and is able to sell excess power to the National Grid and other private entities.SMC produces Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon for the EAF steel production and for the Nigerian Market.


SMC has invested more than USD 200 million into the whole project since its inception.