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Our Clients

Rule 1: The Customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, re-read Rule 1.

Clients are what define us!

Below are the names of some of our major clients which have been patronizing us. We are honored & appreciative to have them beside us by supporting us in establishing and spreading the concept of standard products in the Nigerian market.


  1.  CCECC
  2.  Setraco Nigeria Limited
  3.  Salini Nigeria Limited
  4.  I.T.B Nigeria Limited
  5.  A & K Construction LTD
  6.  Vita Construction Limited
  7.  Arbico PLC
  8.  Trevi Foundations Nigeria LTD
  9.  P.W. Nigeria
  10.  CCC Construction Nigeria LTD
  11.  Cappa D’ Alberto
  12.  Foundation Construction LTD
  13.  Datum Construction Nigeria LTD
  14.  Deux Project Limited
  15.  Borini Prono & CO. (NIG) LTD
  16.  United Integrated Construction Limited (UICL)
  17.  AIM Consultants Ltd
  19.  Telisol Nigeria Limited
  20.  MEC Mercury Engineering & Construction Company LTD